Black hole : Teleportation

Teleportation is physically transferring something from a place to another by a moment . It has been a science fiction topic , but in recent times scientists have succeeded to teleport ‘ a bite ‘ ( most tiny computer information ) from here to space .

So here we can conclude that teleportation isn’t really impossible .

What stayed beyond the dark part of a black hole ? It pulls everything by its strong gravity , but those interstellar elements lead to where ?

Maybe black holes are the gateway to a new universe ! Maybe ‘ the natural teleportation ‘ can be possible via a blackhole !

Then Black hole grabs everything and teleports it to another universe . It teleports interstellar matter to an early stages universe , where everything is forming via collision , nuclear fission – fusion .

So , we can conclude that black holes are the creator of an universe when simultaneously it destroys another universe .

As well as we can say , universe creation by black holes is happening through the unique mechanism what is termed as ‘ Teleportation ‘ .

So , traveling through a black hole means teleporting yourself to another universe and finding yourself to an early universe . But to do so means to teleport you , the blackhole takes the lead through the wormhole . The path through which you reach a white hole , is known as a wormhole . After pulling you into black holes pure darkness , you’ll travel along the mistic way known as a wormhole. This path isn’t of course dark but glitter because the way leads you to the lighting white hole . White hole is the counterpart of black hole , your release point to that new universe .

Final part : Those black holes in our universe can’t teleport you alively , because at the time of entering into a black hole , your body part will stretch extremely and fall apart . So better be choosing a gigantic black hole , that maybe suites .

Last of all , if black holes really can teleport , then teleportation isn’t very impossible . By making an artificial black hole in the lab , we can try it . What do you guys say ?!


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